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Stories are an integral part of life, i learnt this in 1992 when our class teacher insisted on us making up stories instead of sleeping in class… Will always be indebted to her for this. I am passionate about life; living it to the best of our abilities, Love; Loving is the best thing that can shape our lives to know our capacities, the love of a parent, lover, child and siblings can change the world, Laugh laughter is the best medicine, emotions pent-up can cause some lifestyle diseases and even worsen terminal ones. Learn; a Journey to seek wisdom and impart some of what i have learnt through the years. So learning to Live, Love and Laugh at the past, present and future.

I love talking to people and that is one of the reasons i write. I blog about my life, stories and lessons i have learnt :)

Karibuni, Welcome Please leave a word of comment and feel free to share with your different social spheres.

In His Service, For His Glory
Njeri Olang’

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